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Based in Southsea, Portsmouth, the Boxing Awards programme emphasises safe, non-contact boxing. As an outlet for youth across Southsea, Portsmouth, the East end of London, Leeds, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and nationwide, our non-contact boxing programmes allow students to let off some steam, get fit and make friends in a healthy and appropriate environment. Read more about what the Boxing Awards programme has done for the community so far. 
Keith Walter

Keith Walters (OBE)

President of the British Amateur Boxing Association of England

“This is a huge step forward for the sport of Amateur Boxing and the intention is to roll out the GB National Boxing Awards Recreational and ASDAN CoPE Educational programme all over the country. The 6 level GB National Boxing Award scheme, provides an excellent entry route into the core skills of Amateur Boxing for recreational boxers or boxers joining boxing clubs and preparing for their first bout. It also gains a credit per award towards the ASDAN CoPE Boxing GCSE Educational Qualification”.

Keith Walters added; “the GB Boxing Tutor Course works well for young boxers wishing to gain their first teaching qualification in Amateur Boxing, as once they complete the GB Boxing Tutor Course they can then deliver the awards (Non-Contact and supervised) in their local boxing gym to new youngsters joining the gym. Due to the nature of the national award programme and the success they are having in changing opinions of amateur boxing. People are now coming back into our sport as tutors, setting up clubs and making essential links with our schools and pathways into our clubs. We as an association need to get our young boxers on the teaching platform of the sport, as early as we can, as they are our future National, Regional and Club Coaches.
Mark Abberley

Mark Abberley

CEO ABA of England

"The ABAE fully supports the work the GB National Boxing Awards programme is doing to inspire a new generation of participants."

"The Boxing Awards have taken amateur boxing to a new audience by introducing young people to the sport in an environment that is familiar to them, such as their school or local youth club."

"The Awards provide an introduction to boxing by teaching the basics of fitness, discipline and technique, whilst also providing a platform for young people to explore further opportunities within the sport. Many continue to use boxing as a way of increasing their fitness levels and making friends, and others go on to compete at a high level."

"The Boxing Tutor Course equips existing coaches with the skills they need to make non-contact sessions fun and engaging, whilst also providing other providers of activities for young people such as PE teachers and youth workers with an opportunity to find out about how to provide an introduction to the sport in a non-contact fun way. By developing links between schools and community boxing clubs, and by strengthening existing relationships, the programme has made the sport more accessible and inclusive than ever before."
Ms Penny Mordaunt

Ms Penny Mordaunt MP

Portsmouth North MP

“It’s boxing, but not as we know it. These courses offer an approach to education and encourage a state of mind that instils a sense of discipline, dedication and hard work into the pupils who undertake them. To misquote Lady Thatcher – Boxing is the method; the object is to change the heart and soul. I would encourage any school to look at the boxing awards as a way to engage their pupils in a safe and productive out-of-school activity which will show positively in their academic work.”

“The dedication of ‘Q’ Shillingford and his team of coaches in Portsmouth is inspiring, and the atmosphere of friendly discipline that has been achieved in the clubs is a model to which schools might aspire.”
Ms Charlotte Leslie

Ms Charlotte Leslie MP

MP for Bristol North West/Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Boxing Group (APPBG)

“Equipping future generations of boxers, coaches and tutors with the skills and qualifications they need is absolutely vital. The GB Boxing Awards are playing a very major role in this and for many young people are a gateway to not only to volunteering and working to help other young people enjoy boxing, but also a gateway to recognition, achievement and qualifications in other areas as well.”

Mr Willie Burns

Amateur Boxing Scotland (ABS) Performance Director

"ABS Performance director Willie Burns who stayed and watched the GB Boxing Tutor Course commented: Fantastic, this is just what our sport needs, ABS will look to be running the GB Boxing Awards all over Scotland and qualify as many GB Boxing Tutors to work all over the country introducing boxing to young people from all walks of life, I see the GB National Boxing Awards and Educational programme as a pathway to introducing boxing to every child in Scotland and a great vehicle to getting our sport in the mainstream, either recreationally, educationally or competitively."

councillor Lee Hunt

Cabinet Member for Culture & Sport Portsmouth City Council

"Amateur boxing clubs across the City of Portsmouth, led by the Heart of Portsmouth, are having a huge impact on local people of all ages. The GB Boxing Awards programme and the ASDAN CoPE Boxing Educational Qualification is helping to promote fitness, learning, mutual respect and love of sport for thousands of young people who might otherwise have been passed by. Local and national politicians are seeing the benefits of boxing programmes including non-contact, women’s boxing, schools and education with support from mums, dads, brothers, sisters – bringing whole families together creating a sense of pride and well-being and community leadership for others to follow. Now corporate businesses, local authorities and local communities are backing these boxing-led initiatives as they see young people engaged in enjoyable activity and striving for better all the time, rather than just hanging around on street corners. Everyone wins!"

Dan Salcedo

GB Boxing project planning manager

“The GB Boxers thoroughly enjoyed the GB Boxing Tutor Course and many who help out in their gym with the new boxers joining or who assist their coaches teaching boxing in schools are looking forward in using the qualification and delivering the GB National Boxing awards programme in their boxing gyms and local schools”.
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