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The GB national Boxing Awards

Based in Southsea, Portsmouth and operating nationwide, Boxing Awards is the home of the GB Boxing Awards programme across the region. 

This course is an England Boxing accredited non-contact boxing programme. It is delivered over one day and recommended for teachers, youth workers, personal trainers, students and people of all abilities wanting to get on the boxing coaching ladder. This Boxing Awards course teaches all basic skills required to start coaching boxing and has no specific prerequisites. Previous experience in boxing is beneficial but not essential. However, a few boxing sessions in your local club prior to attending the course could help you settle in easily.

To provide you the best quality training, participants will be assessed throughout the course. A pass/fail grading system will be given on completion of the course. If you do fail for some unfortunate reason, you will be invited back to redo the course within the year for free. Get in touch with our Southsea professionals for more information. 

In schools

The boxing tutor course is ideal for students (14+) and teachers alike. Importantly, teachers who qualify are then authorised, registered and insured to deliver the Boxing Awards non-contact programme. The Boxing Awards can also be used to support ASDAN GCSEPE, BTEC, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and The Prince’s Trust Award.

School students who complete the course can be considered to assist the teacher in his/her delivery of the Boxing Awards Programme. This provides an innovative way of engaging students constructively in assisting both the teacher and their peer group. Any coaches with a Level 2 qualification in another sport who qualify after this course may freely deliver the Boxing Awards Programme in any setting.

Course fee

The cost of the course is £100, which covers the following course resources:
1 x Student booklet non-contact pack
1 x Boxing Tutor guide
1 x Coaching booklet non-contact (24 lesson plans)
1 x Boxing tutor DVD (fun and games and boxing drills)
1 x Boxing tutor completion certificate (if you pass)
After course completion, you will be eligible to register with England Boxing as a boxing tutor.

On successful completion

  • You will be eligible to be fully registered with the National Governing Body (NGB) of Olympic style boxing, ‘England Boxing’ EB, as a boxing tutor. You will be fully insured by England Boxing to the sum of £5m whilst participating as a boxing tutor.
  • You will be eligible to apply for Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) permitting you to work with children and young people and, if appropriate, vulnerable adults (a requirement of England Boxing).
  • You will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course.
  • You will receive a NGB Boxing Tutor registration booklet.
  • You will be eligible to register with England Boxing and carry out all the duties of a boxing tutor.
  • You may also deliver the GB Boxing Awards programme in the club if a Level 2 coach is present.
  • You may also deliver the GB Boxing Awards programme in a school if a teacher is present.
  • Once qualified, all participants can deliver the GB Boxing Tutor non-contact programme as outlined. There will be a requirement for the student/boxer who is neither a teacher nor currently a Level 2 coach in any other sport to be supervised by a Level 2 boxing coach or, in schools, by a teacher or Level 2 coach if they wish to deliver the programme.
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What to do if you fail the Boxing Tutor Course?

If you fail the course, you may not immediately act as a boxing tutor. However, you may be graded as a ‘Conditional Pass’, which requires the student to carry out agreed work programmes in order to achieve a pass-mark before certification can take place. Following this, you may assume the role of a boxing tutor. Subsequent assessments for ‘Provisional Passes’ are carried out by locally appointed assessors or during other boxing tutor courses.
Ask another question or get started on your Boxing Awards course today. Call 07702 745 590. 

A. An England Boxing Tutor can deliver the first three of the National Awards in youth clubs, schools, colleges and universities etc. An England Boxing Coach can deliver all six of the National Awards but the ‘contact’ part of the Award must be delivered in a boxing gym.

A. The course is for boxing coaches who wish to broaden their knowledge in teaching young people and wish to encourage more young people into their boxing gym, wish to teach boxing in schools, wish to learn about the GB National Boxing Awards, active boxers wishing to assist in a boxing club or someone who works with young people i.e. PE teachers, youth workers, club volunteer’s, school sports coaches, personal trainers and anyone wishing to gain a qualification in amateur boxing. An introduction letter template has been created to assist boxing tutors. You’ll find it in the ‘Downloads’ part of this website, under miscellaneous.

Go to the ‘Useful information‘ page and click on ASDAN CoPE Boxing GCSE Educational Qualification for the nearest course.

Useful information

A. Click on Boxing Awards page then click CoPE Boxing Qualification. To download the Boxing Educational Qualification criteria, please go to ‘Downloads‘ page, and print the GB National Educational Qualification Criteria. For further information please email or ring 01179 543974 or mobile 07748 315119.

A. To order of Boxing Educational Qualification folder and course materials, please contact Darren Hughes on the following details: or ring 01179 543974 or mobile 07748 315119.

A. You will need to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check prior to running the GB Boxing Awards programme if working with children or vulnerable adults. This can be obtained by going to the England Boxing website: 

A. All our course materials and merchandise are available to order online from our website shop.

A. The cost of course is £100 total, including registration up until June 1st yearly.

A. Go to ‘Useful information‘ page and click on 'Requirements of a Boxing Tutor Course Organiser'.

Useful information

A. Boxing Awards' recommended equipment can be obtained at a discounted price from the Boxing Awards website. Go to our order forms section and choose from our lists of order forms available. The recommended gloves for the participants taking the awards are listed on the form. Skipping ropes, log on to British Heart Foundation website Order skipping ropes online at a very good price.

A. Yes. Ensure you have insurance cover prior to delivering the Awards programme. Log onto or ring 01132 907612 for further information. You will also need to be first aid qualified prior to delivering the boxing awards. One day first aid courses are taught all over the country. Go to to find one near you.

A. You can order the medals through our online shop.

A. Just go to the ‘Useful information‘ section and click on the Boxing Awards order form. The cost of the GB Boxing Tutor t-shirt is £10.00 incl post and package. To purchase a GB Boxing Tutor t-shirt you must be a Registered GB Boxing Tutor and must state your GB Boxing Tutor registration number on the Boxing Awards order form.

Useful information

A. Order your non-contact student boxing book from the ‘Useful information‘ page (Course Booklets Order Form). Then go to your local boxing gym or wherever a boxing tutor is delivering courses in a college, university, school or a youth club/sports centre.

Useful information

A. Please ensure you are first aid qualified before teaching the boxing awards. One day first aid courses are taught all over the country. You can learn more here:

A. Easy, go to the ‘Useful information‘ section.

Useful information

A. Please send all questions and enquiries via our online enquiry form.  

Contact form

have more questions? get in touch on 07702 745 590.

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