''Don't think you can, know you can.''
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BOXING tutor and coaching courses OFFERED NATIONWIDE

Taking boxing lessons at the gym isn’t always as helpful as you might hope. After promoting boxing in a variety of organisations, we felt there was a need for a definitive teaching and coaching guide. This ensures that we are all coaching and teaching participants with the same professional approach. And that’s where Boxing Awards comes in. Based in Southsea, Portsmouth, the Boxing Awards programme provides a wide range of quality boxing tutor and coaching courses in the East end  of London, Leeds, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and nationwide. 

Non-contact Courses

Our Boxing Awards team has designed this coaching/teaching course to act as a guideline for boxing coaching in organisations. It contains a week-by-week lesson plan to ensure we’re all teaching in a unified manner while remaining flexible enough to allow for individual coaching styles. The Preliminary, Standard and Bronze Awards ensure every participant benefits from the skills and disciplines involved in boxing as well as keeping fit and having fun.
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Semi-contact Courses

This coaching course has been designed to slightly more advanced coaches who are looking to advance their progress and begin practicing or teaching contact boxing. It also contains a week-by-week lesson plan to ensure teaching is being conducted in the same manner while leaving room for one's individual style. The Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards aim to ensure every participant learns new skills while having fun and staying fit.

Become a boxing tutor with the Boxing Awards programme

The Preliminary Award is your first step to learning the art of boxing. You will be taught stance, guard and footwork as well as straight punches to the head and body and how to defend yourself. The lesson will be delivered in a fun, safe and educational environment, which can be used as evidence to support your educational qualification.
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CoPE Qualification 

Welcome to the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) qualification. This qualification is available at Level 1 (GCSE grade E-F) and/or Level 2 (GCSE grade B).

This boxing educational programme has been put together in partnership with the national body ASDAN to give everyone a chance to gain a qualification in boxing.

The qualification recognises and accredits the achievements and skills of people in boxing. For CoPE you need to achieve two things:

Firstly, you must gain 12 credits through boxing activities over 120 hours. This can be done by choosing from different options. Secondly, you must show how you are developing certain key skills through boxing. These are skills that are highly valued by employers and other educational establishments, including working together with others, improving your own learning, problem solving, discussion, research and/or giving a presentation.

For this qualification there is no exam. You provide clear evidence of your achievements and skills in a portfolio (a file or folder) and gain credits as you go. You can use many forms of evidence when putting your portfolio together, including written, photographic, taped, oral and even video evidence.

You could use your boxing club links to gain the skills required and the regional association needed to widen your involvement in the sport.

Remember… “Don’t think you can, know you can”.
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